About Us

What makes us different?

Our firm, Al Lubab Translation Office, is among the few certified legal translation firms in Oman.

Our office has put in place an intricate yet strict work mechanism in order to ensure the utmost accuracy of the translations we produce. This mechanism consists of several phases which cover all aspects pertaining to the details, type, form and organisation of the sentences to translation; in addition to ensuring a full understanding of the sentence to translate and its context, which renders us capable of masterfully translate any provision to other languages as to give the impression that it has been drafted by a native speaker of the relevant language.

Further, our firm ensures that our translators be very carefully when selecting the appropriate expressions, appellations and abbreviations in order to reflect the correct meaning of the words and sentences without alteration.

Moreover, our firm is distinguished by its respect of deadlines given by our customers and by its willingness to propose translation fees that are competitively superior to other translation offices.

We have been involved in projects which include Ministrial decision and royal decrees.